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Steve on Harp at a Key West wedding.

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HROUGHOUT HISTORY the harp has been used in public and religious ceremonies. The Celts felt it so important, that their harpers were spared any other responsibilities so that they would not hurt their hands.

Steve carries on this tradition by playing his harp at various functions in the Keys. His specialty is weddings.

"I arrive early to get set up and make sure my harp is properly tuned. Then I start playing even though there may be nobody there. This sanctifies the air and provides a relaxing atmosphere for the wedding party and guests to walk into. Harp music can be very soothing, a quality much appreciated at weddings where there can be a lot of tension.

My repertoire includes numerous Celtic and classical pieces along with a few popular selections. I am happy to honor any special requests if possible.

When the bride is ready for her entrance, someone gives me a cue and I start the processional. This can be "Here Comes the Bride" or "Trumpet Voluntary." One nice thing about the harp is how it can take a piece that may be considered old-fashioned or cliché, and give it new life.

At the moment the groom kisses the bride I hit the "Wedding March" by Mendelssohn. This moment, along with this music, usually results in there being not a dry eye in the house.

After this, I resume playing as before. During this time toasts are made, the couple are congratulated, and pictures are taken. Only when silence is requested or the party leaves the reception, do I stop playing. After a while you may not even notice my playing, but were I to stop prematurely, one has the feeling the sky would fall.

Steve has performed at dozens of ceremonies at nearly all the most popular gardens and hotels in Key West. He personally knows most of the wedding professionals in the area, and will happily discuss with you his recommendations.

Steve is also available for dinners and parties of all occasions.

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